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We have an enormous range of Metric and Imperial socket cap screws, hex nuts, bolts, masonry anchors, washers and everything in between, available in stock. We also have the means to manufacture bespoke fasteners on request. Other products we sell include:

Engineering Fasteners    

Allen (Hex) Key
Dowel Pins
Hex-Set Screw
Spring Pins/ Sellock Roll Pins
Machine Screws
Socket Screw, Cap Head
Self-Tapping Screws
Threaded Bar/ Studding
Socket Set Screw - Grub
Socket, Shoulder Cap Screw
Socket Screw, Low Cap Head
Socket Screw, Countersunk
Socket Screw, Button Head
Pop Rivets – Blind
Rivet Nut
Hand Taps
Split Cotter Pins


Construction Fixings

Cable Ties
Cavity Wall Anchors
Chemical Anchor Studs
Drywall Screws
Drill Bits
Wood Screws
Hose Clips
Self-Drilling and Roofing Screws
Plastic Plugs
Hammer Frame Fixings
Nylon Frame Fixings
Chemical Anchor Resin
Masonry Anchor Fixings
Concrete Frame Screw
Cover Caps
Carriage/ Coach Bolts
PVC Electrical Insulating Tape