About our Screws, Nuts, Bolts and Anchors.

Fixaball: We sell screws, nuts, bolts, washers and anchors to everyone, from DIY'ers to large businesses and price structures to suit. Buy more to pay less per unit. If a fastener or fixing exists, you can buy it here. Our comprehensive range includes the largest, smallest, longest and shortest. We stock an enourmous range of head, drive, shank, tip and thread types. B. A, B.S.F, B.S.W (Whitworth), Metric, Metric Fine and Metric Extra Fine fasteners are available in all grades of Steel and Brass. Our fixings and fasteners join automobiles, buildings and civil engineering structures together

We are a part of, 'Ball's Grinding, Ltd.' which has been serving the engineering and construction industry since 1983. It is family run business, based in Cheltenham, with over 40 years of industry knowledge we are always happy to share.

We serve our local community, nationally across U.K and we regularly deliver around the world.

We have 10,000's of screws, nuts, bolts, anchors, washers and everything in between, available in stock and we are continuously expanding our range. If you cannot find what you are looking for call our customer support team on (01242 522244) and we will create a bespoke, free quote for your perusal. 

We strive to serve you with reliability and security.

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