Imperial, Metric Fastener and Construction Fixing Specialist

Fixaball has an enormous range of metric and imperial engineering fasteners and construction fixings. 

Engineering Fasteners

Allen (Hex) Key
Dowel Pins
Hex-Set Screw
Spring Pins/ Sellock Roll Pins
Machine Screws
Socket Screw, Cap Head
Self-Tapping Screws
Threaded Bar/ Studding
Socket Set Screw - Grub
Socket, Shoulder Cap Screw
Socket Screw, Low Cap Head
Socket Screw, Countersunk
Socket Screw, Button Head
Pop Rivets – Blind
Rivet Nut
Hand Taps
Split Cotter Pins
Threaded Bar/ Rod/ Studding


Construction Fixings

Cable Ties
Cavity Wall Anchors
Chemical Anchor Studs
Drywall Screws
Drill Bits
Wood Screws
Hose Clips
Self-Drilling and Roofing Screws
Plastic Plugs
Hammer Frame Fixings
Nylon Frame Fixings
Chemical Anchor Resin
Masonry Anchor Fixings
Concrete Frame Screw
Cover Caps
Carriage/ Coach Bolts
PVC Electrical Insulating Tape