Produktserie: Socket Screw, Button Head

Fixaball sells a vast range of diameters ang lengths of Metric and Imperial Allen/ Hexagon Socket, Button/ Round, Screws.

Thread Types Available:

Metric - Standard Coarse Thread

Imperial - BA, BSW, BSF, UNC, UNF

What is a Socket Button/ Dome Screw?

Socket Button Screws, also known as Round Screws or Dome Screws, feature a widely used hexagon/ hex/ allen key drive. Socket Button Head Screws are low-profile, and used for safety and aesthetic applications with their rounded/ mushroom head, featuring no sharp or pointed edge

All button head bolts and screws are measured from the underside of the head.


Material/ Finish


Level of Corrosion Resistance

Typical Application

High Tensile Steel, Grade 10.9

Self-Colour (black with no surface treatment)

Low, without further surface treatment

-          No exposure to moisture

-          Often Greased/ Oilied