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M6, M8, M10 and M12 Forged Eyebolts and Forged Hook Bolts, 4.8 Grade (mild steel) with Full Hexagon Nut and Form A Washer, Zinc Plated

Fixaball sell forged eyebolts and hookbolts

Eyebolt and Hookbolt Applications:

Eyebolts and Hookbolts are used to hang wire (catenary wire), string and rope. The bolts can be screwed directly into wood, pushed through a pre-drilled hole and fastened via a nut and washer or they can be set into masonry applications using epoxy resin. An eyebolt offers slighly more of a secure fixing as the eye is closed and a hookbolt may be used for temporary/ intermittent hanging solutions.


Eyebolt Dimensions

Fixaball Fixing and Fasteners UK
Thread Type Diameter of Thread Length of Thread External Eye Diameter
M6 6mm 50mm 18mm
M8 8mm 70mm 22mm
M10 10mm 80mm 25mm
M12 12mm 100mm 32mm