Colección: Nylon Frame Fixings

8mm and 10mm, Nylon Frame Fixings to Secure all Wood, Metal and Plastic Frames. 

Fixaball sells the best quality Winged, Nylon Frame Fixings.

Nylon Frame Fixings Typical Applications

Frame Fixings are suitable for use in most solid base materials ranging from reinforced concrete blocks, brickwork and natural stone. They can also be used in aerated Concrete but will be limited by the strength of the block. Nylon Frame Fixings can also be used in hollow base materials but their use wil be restricted by the thickness of the wall of the brick or block.

Timber Battens, Door Frames, Window Frames, Light Facade Supports

  • Nylon frame fixings are used for the attachment of window and door frames.
  • Pozi driver - No. 2/ Pozi 2 or No. 3/ Pozi 3
  • For easy fixing into concrete and solid masonry.
  • For quick and easy fixing into solid brick or masonry
  • Zinc plated.
  • Strengthened nylon sleeve to give extra durability and extended fixing life.
  • 4 anti-rotation fins to hold the fixing secure on application.
  • Nylon grade material is Nylon 66.
  • Indented slots in the nylon sleeve to give enhanced expansion and grip
  • High quality and reliability.