Colección: Rivet Nut

Fixaball sells all Flanged and Reduced Head Rivet Nuts in steel/ zinc and stainless steel.

They are fitted using a specialised tool called a Threaded Rivet Insert Tool - the mandrel on the tool is threaded into the rivet. As you squeeze the handles of the tool the mandrel is pulled towards you and deforms on the back of the rivet, on the back of the sheet material creating a bulge that clamps the sheet between the head and the deformation. 

Head - Reduced

Reduced Head Rivet nuts provide a strong captivated thread in thin panels and in applications where only one side of the panel is accessible such as box or tube section. Rivet nuts have an advantage over other captivated fasteners because they can be installed on site or used for repair work to replace a previously installed fastener that has failed. The advantage of installation from one side of the application means that access to the back of the panel is never required.

Head - Flanged

A flanged rivet nut provides a larger bearing area that spreads the forces/ loads on the sheet material and hole, to help prevent traction and pulling failures. It can also be used as a separator or spacer.

Body  - Knurled/ Serrated Under Head

The Riv-nut sizes have serrations/ grooves called knurls on the body to help give grip and prevent rotation during fabrication.

Thread – Standard Metric Coarse