M8 x 1 P/ Fine Thread, Socket Screw, Cap Head, High Tensile/ 12.9, Self Colour, ISO 4762, DIN 912.

M8 x 1 Pitch (fine), Cap Head, Bolt/ Socket Screw/ Allen Bolt, High Tensile (12.9), DIN 912, Cap Screw. Here at Fixaball, we stock all sizes and lengths at the best...

M8 x 1 Pitch (fine), Cap Head, Bolt/ Socket Screw/ Allen Bolt, High Tensile (12.9), DIN 912, Cap Screw.

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Socket Screw is short for, 'Socket Set Screw.' The, ‘Socket Screw,’ term is used to describe a fastener that is fully threaded in lengths up to and around 1 inch (from the underside of the head. Over 1 inch in length the fastener will have a, 'shoulder,' or unthreaded area under the head. This space of unthreaded area confirms that the fastener is now a bolt (cap head, bolt in this case). A little confusing, no? Some engineers may call them screws if the person only uses the shorter length range of sizes, under an inch or so (it can vary up to 12mm). Some people might simply call them Allen or, 'Allan bolts,' if they've never seen it written down in association with the Allen, Hexagonal Key. So, ‘Socket,’ refers to the hexagon shaped indentation found on the top of the fasteners’ head. Here, you can use a hexagon key (Allen Key) to tighten and loosen the fastener.

Available Materials: High Tensile (12.9 Grade) - Plain/ Self Colour, Zinc, A2 and A4 Stainless Steel.

Material/ Finish


Level of Corrosion Resistance

Typical Application

High Tensile Steel

Self-Colour (black with no surface treatment)

Low, without further surface treatment

No exposure to moisture.

Often Greased/ Oiled

High Tensile Steel/ ZINC

Shiny Metallic

Resistant to light moisture, occasionally (not for external use)

Low moisture environments

A2 Stainless Steel

Dull Shine


Intermittent weathering

A4 Stainless Steel

Dull Shine

Marine Grade

Constant Weathering


They are available in the following head types:

  • Cap Head (cylinder form)
  • Countersink Head (conical to fit flush)
  • Button Head (rounded profile)
  • Flange Button Head (including a formed washer)
  • Grub/ Set (no head, just hex socket)
  • Shoulder - Cap Head (plain shank wider than the end thread)

Metric Coarse and Metric Fine threads are in millimetre (mm) units and were developed to simplify the imperial systems. Europe moved to this system but the Americans choose Imperial as their default. A coarse thread has less helical coils per mm and a fine one has more. Coarse is used for heavier loads and fine is used for lighter loads prone to vibrations. Coarse threads are the, 'normal', most common versions.

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