Produktserie: Drill Bits

Care and Maintenance

Store drills seperately so they do no knock into each other. Be mindful of the speed of the chuck and how it effects the cut. Cut too fast and the drill will over heat and the cutting edge will break or chip. Cut too slow and you will be cutting too long. So, do a practice run. Centre punch the location of a marked out hole to guide the drill to the correct spot. Make sure the material is held securely for accuracy and a bother free, clean cut. Drill at 90' to the surface of the material.

Health and Safety

Wear goggles and protective clothing. Do not wear gloves. Remove anything flammable nearby. When cutting metal, swarf (cuts of metal) will fly out at a very high temperature. Should anything land on skin, you had your hand in the wrong place and it will need to be amputated. Honestly, just don't point it at anyone and go steady, you'll be fine.