Collection: Masonry Anchor Heavy Duty Fixings

Masonry Anchors - All Types, Materials and Quantities Available

- Loose Bolt, Shield Anchor (Expansion Anchor).

- Projection Bolt, Sheild Anchor (Expansion Anchor).

- Sleeve Anchor (Expansion Anchor).

- Throughbolt (Expansion Anchor).

- Concrete Screws (Thunderbolt, Lightening/ Anker Bolt)

- Masonry Frame Anchors

- Chemical Anchor Studs

- Concrete Screw Anchors


What size anchor do I need/ How heavy is the material/ part to be fastened?

Small/ Light Recommendations: M6 diameter fasteners.

Medium Size/ Weight Recommendations: M8, M10 diameter fasteners.

Heavy/ Large Items, Recommendations: M12, M16, M20 diameter fasteners.


What material should the anchor be/ What types of fasteners work best in each environmental condition?

Indoors: dry applications = zinc plated

Outdoors: Intermittent Wet = Zinc, effective for 5-10 years (rusts/ corrodes). 303/304, 410 stainless steel and hot-dipped galvanized masonry fasteners resist natural, external environments indefinitely.

Submerged Water: A2 or 303/304 stainless steel (same thing) should be used in applications where the concrete fastener will be submerged in water, and will provide the highest rust resistance.

Marine/ Submerged Chemicals: A4 or 316 stainless steel (same thing) anchors offer the best protection against corrosion when being used around chemicals, such as salt water or chlorine around a pool.

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